A new way to run influencer campaigns

Introducing Xrossworld (cross-world) - a new platform designed for agencies to effortlessly provide influencer marketing at scale for their clients and their brands.


World Is Changing...

...and your agency needs to change with it

Influencer ad spend is accelerating 3.5x faster than traditional advertising investment and is projected to reach $35 billion by 2025

Adapting to these increasing demands requires solutions that are not only effective but also scalable and measurable

A Platform Built For Agencies

Here’s the reality: just about every influencer marketing platform out there isn’t designed with agencies in mind. In many cases, they’re directly competing against you or aiming to diminish your role entirely.

Over the last three years, we've identified the pain points agencies face in influencer marketing. We are introducing a software solution that addresses these challenges, enabling agencies to scale campaign efficiency by 98% with unparalleled ease and minimal service fees.

With Xrossworld, you’re not just another user – you're our partner. We empower you to...

Seamlessly Manage Campaigns

Use our intuitive platform to efficiently organize and execute full-cycle influencer marketing campaigns at any scale - and do it in days, not weeks!

Scale Your Services

We simplify creator negotiations, ensuring fair compensation without the back-and-forth, giving you more time for strategy and creativity

Set Accurate Expectations

Our advanced analytics predict expenses, engagement and ROI, allowing you to drive the exact results your clients want while providing your agency with predictable revenue—without the surprises

Be A Part
of the Future

Be the first to experience a platform that's transforming the way agencies do influencer marketing.

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